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A Marine Rapid Assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands, Papua Province, Indonesia

Acknowledgments This Marine RAP survey was financed by generous donations from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Henry Foundation, and the Smart Family Foundation Inc. We are very grateful to the Rector of the University of Cenderawasih, Mr. F. A. Wospakrik, and the Rector of the University of Papua, Dr. F. Wanggai for supporting this project, and providing the necessary permits and excellent  counterparts. Similarly, we thank Dr. Kurnaen Sumadiharga, Director of the Research and Development  Center for Oceanology of LIPI for his continued support of CI RAP surveys. The survey would not have been possible without the additional support of the Research Institute of the University of Cenderawasih, and the Biak Research Station of the Development Center for Oceanology. We also appreciate the assistance of the Museum of Zoology (LIPI), particularly Dr. Siti N. Prijono (Director), Ristiyanti M. Marwoto (invertebrates), Ike Rachmatika (fishes), and Agus Tjakrawidjaja (fishes). We also thank the following government staff for providing permits and sharing data: John Piet Wanane (Head, Regency of Sorong), Joseph Kbarek (Head, Regency Planning Agency), Constant Karel Sorondanya (Head, Nature Conservation Agency), Ahmad Fabanyo (Head, Dinas Fisheries), A. Rahman Adrias (Head, Dinas Tourism), S. Banjarnahor (Head, Dinas Trade), and Mr. Faisal (Head, Sorong Police Station). In addition, the Indonesian Department of Immigration kindly issued permits that enabled our RAP scientists to perform their survey and training duties. Acknowledgments We are grateful to the people of the Raja Ampat Islands who allowed us to conduct this survey and extended their wonderful hospitality. We thank the Kepala Desa and people of the following villages for their assistance and sharing their knowledge: Waiweser,  Arefi, Yansawai, Marandan Weser, Sapokren, Yenbeser, Friwen, Yenbuba, Waiweser, Yenbekwan, Yenwaupnoor, Sawinggrai, Kapisawar, Arborek, Lopintol, Wawiyai, Kabui, Waifoi, Fam, Mutus, Miosmanggare, Manyaifun, Selpele, and Salio. We also express our gratitude to Taher Arfan (Head of Kepulauan Raja Ampat Adat Council), Fatah Abdullah (Head of Kecamatan Samate), Octavianus Mayor (Head of Kecamatan Waigeo Selatan), and our guide Pak Mayor from Yenbuba village, who accompanied us on our visits to various villages. Yuli Supriyanto and Maisyie helped us to obtain permits and to gather information in Sorong. We were capably assisted by CI-Indonesia staff, including the Director Jatna Supriatna, Ermayanti, Myrna Kusumawardhani, Mira Dwi Arsanty, and Hendrite Ohee. Thanks are due Max Ammer, owner of Irian Diving, and his staff, for providing crucial logistic assistance during the RAP, and for sharing their extensive knowledge of the underwater attractions of the region. Additionally, thanks to  Max Ammer and the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center for help with final map editing. We also thank the staff of P.T. Cendana Indopearls, particularly Project Manager Joseph Taylor and Assistant Manager David Schonell, for providing accommodation during our stay at Alyui Bay on Waigeo Island. Mark Allen assisted with color scanning and  prepared the layout for the color pages appearing in this report


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